Spring / Summer Collection 2018

Hello everyone!  Today I’m sharing with you my Spring / Summer 2018 Collection.  Earlier this year I really wanted to make a small collection of me made garments for Fall and Winter.  Then life interrupted my plans and while I’ve saved those makes for later this year, I began to dream about Spring and Summer makes.  First, I set my intentions for my collection.

My Top 3 were as follow:

  1. Comfort
  2. Learn new sewing techniques while also sewing with fabrics I haven’t sewn with before
  3. Use as many patterns in my stash as possible

As I looked for inspiration and patterns I would use, I also kept in mind that my day to day life requires comfortable clothes.  Being comfortable doesn’t mean I can’t look cute too!  It’s rare when you’ll find me wearing a skirt, so I added a few to my collection.  I love a good tee shirt and tank tops, they made the list too!  I also added a few items I want to learn to make and a few that I really wanted to start wearing that I haven’t had the guts to wear in years.




You’ll find my collection was mostly inspired by items I would normally buy at my favorite clothing store (you can find at your local mall).  While I could easily go out and purchase all of these items, I figured the best way to add experience to my seamstress portfolio would be to sew as many garments as I can for myself.  I will most likely purchase a few items to complete my collection, for example: a pair of jeans, some accessories and a few pairs of shoes.

Once I knew what pieces I wanted I then selected a few patterns that were already in my stash.  Using the pattern line view and a few screenshots I created my Spring / Summer Collection inspiration board.  With my plans in place, I made my list of what I still needed to get started on my collection and went shopping.  I took advantage of the recent sales on Simplicity and McCall patterns at Joann (check weekly ad on Joann website for current sales).

Below is my inspiration board (not all images made it to the board) I made using Pages on my MacBook Air.


Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.48.35 PM


A few of the patterns I plan on making in coordinating fabrics:

New Look 6378

Simplicity 8425

Self drafted tube top with ruche

Ogden Cami

Simplicity 8652

Fabric at my local Joann has been hit or miss, same with patterns, I haven’t been able to find them all.  I am currently planning a short road trip with my husband to LA’s Fashion District for fabric!  I’m so excited for that trip!!!  In the mean time, I have began working on the few garments I have patterns, fabric and notions to make them.  Here are a few of the items I have started preparing to stitch up:


Simplicity 1072 View B and fabric from Joann (still available as of blog post date).



I have also started to work on the Laura Top by Rosy Peña Patterns.



I hope you enjoyed stopping by and getting a sneak peek into what I am currently working on.  Next week on the blog, I will be sharing my Laura Top makes, Floral Knit Skirt and perhaps a few other items I hope to sew up over the weekend.  I’ll post the details for each garment as I complete them here on my blog.  Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you’ll stop by again next week, take care!

♥ Mrs. Gomez