My First Me Made Garment – Marie Wrap Skirt by Rosy Peña Patterns


Welcome to my first fashion blog post!  Several years ago I began to dream about learning to sew garments for myself.  Over a year ago I started this blog and decided to publish a variety of content to include DIY sewing post and more.  Well, the time has come!





I am so excited to share with you my first official me made skirt!  I have made a few other pieces of clothing for myself, most were fails or I didn’t finish them because I had no clue what I was doing.  This skirt is the first make I can actually wear and be proud of!  I made it over the course of a few days, this made it easy to complete the tasks for each day.  Below you’ll find a list of the tasks I had to complete.

Day 1 – Print Pattern

Day 2 – Cut and Tape Pattern Together

Day 3 – Cut Fabric

Day 4 – Sew start to finish

Day 5 – Photo shoot, photo editing and blog post


Now for the pattern review.

Pattern: Marie Wrap Skirt Pattern by Rosy Peña.  It’s a free pattern, just sign up for Rosy Peña Patterns newsletter here and you’ll receive the pattern for free!

Sizing: XXS – XXL

What size did you cut/make? I cut and made the XXL.

Did you make any adjustments? No adjustments made.  I did however prefer to tie bow in the middle backside.  I thought it looked cute!  I must also admit, I found it difficult to tie at my side with one strap being shorter than the other once you tie them.

What did you like about the pattern and instructions?  I only had to cut 4 pieces. It was an easy make with clear instructions.

Would you make it again?  Yes, definitely!  Though next time I would make using a lighter weight fabric like challis or crepe.

What would you make any changes if you made it again?  I would go down a size on the waist but keep the same size for the hips.  I found that it was a few inches to big at the waist.

Any advices or tips?  Use serger for clean finishes on hem as it shows.  If you don’t have a serger you may want to add a half inch so you can fold in half inch and then fold again before sewing hem to secure fabric and prevent fraying.  Also sew hem and topstitching slowly so it will result in a clean and neat finish.  It’s a quick sew so don’t be in a hurry to finish, take your time.  Lastly, I used 3 new needles, two for my serger and one on my sewing machine.

Is the garment comfortable to wear?  Yes!  I actually can’t wait to wear it out!



Marie Skirt

marie skirt hem

marie skirt bow 2



I am truly proud of this skirt!  I am planning a spring/summer collection, come back soon to for a sneak peek.  Next week I will also be back with another sewing pattern review, stay tuned!  You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook!  Coming soon…YouTube!

Thank you so much for checking out my post!  Have a wonderful weekend!


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