Spring / Summer Collection 2018

Fashion Sewing

Hello everyone!  Today I’m sharing with you my Spring / Summer 2018 Collection.  Earlier this year I really wanted to make a small collection of me made garments for Fall and Winter.  Then life interrupted my plans and while I’ve saved those makes for later this year, I began to dream about Spring and Summer makes.  First, I set my intentions for my collection.

My Top 3 were as follow:

  1. Comfort
  2. Learn new sewing techniques while also sewing with fabrics I haven’t sewn with before
  3. Use as many patterns in my stash as possible

As I looked for inspiration and patterns I would use, I also kept in mind that my day to day life requires comfortable clothes.  Being comfortable doesn’t mean I can’t look cute too!  It’s rare when you’ll find me wearing a skirt, so I added a few to my collection.  I love a good tee shirt and tank tops, they made the list too!  I also added a few items I want to learn to make and a few that I really wanted to start wearing that I haven’t had the guts to wear in years.




You’ll find my collection was mostly inspired by items I would normally buy at my favorite clothing store (you can find at your local mall).  While I could easily go out and purchase all of these items, I figured the best way to add experience to my seamstress portfolio would be to sew as many garments as I can for myself.  I will most likely purchase a few items to complete my collection, for example: a pair of jeans, some accessories and a few pairs of shoes.

Once I knew what pieces I wanted I then selected a few patterns that were already in my stash.  Using the pattern line view and a few screenshots I created my Spring / Summer Collection inspiration board.  With my plans in place, I made my list of what I still needed to get started on my collection and went shopping.  I took advantage of the recent sales on Simplicity and McCall patterns at Joann (check weekly ad on Joann website for current sales).

Below is my inspiration board (not all images made it to the board) I made using Pages on my MacBook Air.


Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 4.48.35 PM


A few of the patterns I plan on making in coordinating fabrics:

New Look 6378

Simplicity 8425

Self drafted tube top with ruche

Ogden Cami

Simplicity 8652

Fabric at my local Joann has been hit or miss, same with patterns, I haven’t been able to find them all.  I am currently planning a short road trip with my husband to LA’s Fashion District for fabric!  I’m so excited for that trip!!!  In the mean time, I have began working on the few garments I have patterns, fabric and notions to make them.  Here are a few of the items I have started preparing to stitch up:


Simplicity 1072 View B and fabric from Joann (still available as of blog post date).



I have also started to work on the Laura Top by Rosy Peña Patterns.



I hope you enjoyed stopping by and getting a sneak peek into what I am currently working on.  Next week on the blog, I will be sharing my Laura Top makes, Floral Knit Skirt and perhaps a few other items I hope to sew up over the weekend.  I’ll post the details for each garment as I complete them here on my blog.  Thank you for stopping by!  I hope you’ll stop by again next week, take care!

♥ Mrs. Gomez

My First Me Made Garment – Marie Wrap Skirt by Rosy Peña Patterns

Fashion Sewing


Welcome to my first fashion blog post!  Several years ago I began to dream about learning to sew garments for myself.  Over a year ago I started this blog and decided to publish a variety of content to include DIY sewing post and more.  Well, the time has come!





I am so excited to share with you my first official me made skirt!  I have made a few other pieces of clothing for myself, most were fails or I didn’t finish them because I had no clue what I was doing.  This skirt is the first make I can actually wear and be proud of!  I made it over the course of a few days, this made it easy to complete the tasks for each day.  Below you’ll find a list of the tasks I had to complete.

Day 1 – Print Pattern

Day 2 – Cut and Tape Pattern Together

Day 3 – Cut Fabric

Day 4 – Sew start to finish

Day 5 – Photo shoot, photo editing and blog post


Now for the pattern review.

Pattern: Marie Wrap Skirt Pattern by Rosy Peña.  It’s a free pattern, just sign up for Rosy Peña Patterns newsletter here and you’ll receive the pattern for free!

Sizing: XXS – XXL

What size did you cut/make? I cut and made the XXL.

Did you make any adjustments? No adjustments made.  I did however prefer to tie bow in the middle backside.  I thought it looked cute!  I must also admit, I found it difficult to tie at my side with one strap being shorter than the other once you tie them.

What did you like about the pattern and instructions?  I only had to cut 4 pieces. It was an easy make with clear instructions.

Would you make it again?  Yes, definitely!  Though next time I would make using a lighter weight fabric like challis or crepe.

What would you make any changes if you made it again?  I would go down a size on the waist but keep the same size for the hips.  I found that it was a few inches to big at the waist.

Any advices or tips?  Use serger for clean finishes on hem as it shows.  If you don’t have a serger you may want to add a half inch so you can fold in half inch and then fold again before sewing hem to secure fabric and prevent fraying.  Also sew hem and topstitching slowly so it will result in a clean and neat finish.  It’s a quick sew so don’t be in a hurry to finish, take your time.  Lastly, I used 3 new needles, two for my serger and one on my sewing machine.

Is the garment comfortable to wear?  Yes!  I actually can’t wait to wear it out!



Marie Skirt

marie skirt hem

marie skirt bow 2



I am truly proud of this skirt!  I am planning a spring/summer collection, come back soon to for a sneak peek.  Next week I will also be back with another sewing pattern review, stay tuned!  You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook!  Coming soon…YouTube!

Thank you so much for checking out my post!  Have a wonderful weekend!


She almost died here…



A few months ago I was out shopping with my son and granddaughter.  We were casually looking for items on our shopping list when my son blurted out, “She almost died here, right over there,” talking to my granddaughter as he pointed towards the couches I sat at months ago.  Then I heard her voice quiver, “Did you grandma?  Did you almost die here once?”  My son went on to explain that I had an allergic reaction and at the time I was having trouble breathing.  She immediately looked frighten, she didn’t know what to say or how to react, so I hugged her, reassured her I was ok.  I explained to her that although I had once had an allergic reaction there, I was ok and there was nothing to worry about now.

It was tough to see the fear in her expression, it sadden me deeply.  As I went on shopping with my two little loves, I asked myself over and over again, “how did he feel that day?” “how has it affected my baby boy?”  “how will it affect my grand baby and other family members?”

With so many questions and concerns rushing through my brain, I pushed it out of my mind so I could finish the task at hand and care for my little loves while doing so.  As we collected more items in the shopping cart we pushed around the store, we all forgot about the time she almost died here…

Since that day, I wonder…Do they worry just as much as I do?  Do they wonder if and when I will have another episode?  How bad will it be next time?  It isn’t easy being the one living with allergies.  Wondering when your next reaction will come…  I have always known that it affects my family, but I wasn’t sure just how deep it was rooted.

How do I keep from freaking out every time I eat out?

For now, I can only eat at restaurants that do not serve shell-fish.  I do not cook or handle any shell-fish at home either.  And just to make sure there is no contamination in the foods I cook and eat we no longer purchase or eat seafood at home.  It isn’t easy.  The variety of foods we eat have dwindled.  I have also had to remove bottled sauces from our grocery list and pantry.  Labels on foods available to purchase aren’t always crystal clear on what they contain.  Many contain the words, “flavoring, additives”, with little to no clarity of what those are exactly.

How do I keep my cool in the middle of an allergic reaction?

Over the years, with the help of my doctors, I have come up with a plan.  The scariest thing about my reactions is that they are NOT typical of the general anaphylaxis, so I have to remember at all times that as soon as I feel a bit of itchiness and I begin clearing my throat, I have to immediately go to my plan.  I take the steps given to me by my doctors.  Having this plan keeps me calm.  I know exactly what I need to do and when.

Have a Plan. Always carry your medications and Epi Pens.

In my purse you will find a clear bag, this bag contains Benadryl, an Albuterol inhaler, and a set of two auto-injector Epi Pens.  I am to use them in the order I listed previously, as soon as I am aware I am having a reaction.  I also let those around me know what is happening.  They usually cannot see any symptoms.  I have to remind them to be ready to call 911 and know the address of where we are.

What steps should you take if you or someone you know has allergies to foods or other triggers?

Have a plan.  With the help of your doctor and your allergy specialist you can also create a plan that works for you or your child.  Teach your family members and friends about your plan and how to deliver an Epi Pen injection.  Teach them to call 911, immediately after an Epi pen had been administered.  Remind them they will need to know the address and give specific instructions or directions to the 911 operator, so they can find you quickly.  If the address is not known ask someone for help.  If for instance, you are at a store or out running errands, be as specific as possible, give department names or instructions on where you can be located, “in furniture department, sitting on brown couch closest to electronics department”.

Why is it important to talk about allergies?

There are a variety of reasons I feel passionate about talking about allergies and reactions.  For me, my reactions are not typical.  Sometimes my husband or son will notice my face is flushed or I am clearing my throat, even before I have noticed.  This is because they know how my reactions start and unfold.  Other family members have yet to know what it is like.  I do not have the classic anaphylaxis signs, for example, I do not have swelling on my lips, face or ears.  I do not always immediately have trouble breathing.  Instead I may sometimes develop a few hives on my face, specifically around my chin and mouth area.  My face may flush.  I may start clearing my throat as my throat slowly starts to swell.  Otherwise it is difficult to see any reactions occurring.  So for me and my family comfort and peace comes in the form of knowing exactly what to do when we notice a reaction beginning.  We have a plan we can follow and if all else fails, we can use my Epi Pen and call 911.

On my next post I will share with you the details of the day she almost died here…

Please leave comments below.  Tell me about your plan, tips you would like to share that have helped with dealing with allergic reactions.  Also, let me know how or if this blog post has helped you in any way.  Is there anything I left out that you may want to know more about.  Thanks for stopping by!  Wishing you a wonderful day!